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Successful Cable Management Project for Prominent Government Office in UAE

We recently completed a challenging cable management arrangement for a prominent government office in the UAE. This project presented several challenges:


  1. Time Constraints: Work could only be conducted after office hours, starting at 3 PM.
  2. Tight Deadlines: We were given a very short deadline to complete the task.
  3. Installation Requirements: The client requested a premium installation without the elite cost.
  4. Breathing Space: Cable arrangements needed to be customized to individual preferences.
  5. Electrical Cable Management: Proper management of electrical cables was necessary to eliminate power spikes.
  6. Zero Cable Visibility: The client wanted all cables to be completely hidden.

Electric, Data, Voice, Video, Audio, Fiber Optics, Analogue, Digital, Serial, Parallel Types of cables Supply, Arrangements and Management.

Despite these challenges, we successfully completed the task on time, ensuring a seamless and efficient cable management solution

                 Before                        After

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