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IT Infrastructure 

Escom offers the latest in industry-approved networking solution designed for delivering enterprise-level network solutions.

  • Comprehensive LAN/WLAN/VLAN installations

  • All Active and Passive Components, structured cabling and associated practices

  • Fiber & Copper Cabling Back-Bone Infrastructure

  • Integration with all industry approved back-end BMS systems

  • Specialist in Wireless Mesh and Point-to-Point/ Multipoint Technologies

  • Enterprise-grade management of the LAN, VLAN, and Wi-Fi Solutions

  • Advanced networking configurations for optimized throughputs and security 

The need for proper IT infrastructure is an essential part of today's business, and it requires professional planning. When deploying the system you want to make sure that every inch has been thought out so as not have any wasted time or money on anything less than top-quality workmanship; this will only lead your company down a path towards ruin if they don't take caution with their investments! So find yourself some experts who know what they're doing when building out these types things because there really isn’t anyone else but ourselves around here anyway...

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.

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